Mangueira Samba school was formed April 28th, 1928 by Carlos Cachaca and some of his friends. Estação Prmeira de Mangueira is not just a Samba School, its a business and a brand that stretches out to several channels: like the kiosks you will find on the ‘Calçadão’ of Copacabana Beach. Its a ‘company’ that has also gone through a few dark moments in history, particularly when the Brazilian media exposed its connections with ‘Bookie Mobsters’ and drug dealers in 2008. Pink and Green are the colors that represent the Estação Primeira de Mangueira, Rio de Janeiro’s most famous and infamous Samba School, home of many Brazilian music idols and TV celebrities. The green and pink school is another dear School to a lot of Brazilians; Mangueira has been around for 83 years winning over a lot of hearts. In 2012 Mangueira’s plot will be about the Samba group “ Cacique de Ramos”. Cacique de Ramos was created in 1961 in Rio’s North zone, Olaria.

Colors: Green and Pink
Drummers’ Queen: Evelin
President: Francisco de Carvalho
Carnavalesco:  Rosa Magalhães