The denomination “Vai como Pode” was used until 1935, when, after the Carnaval, on March 1 of 1935, on the occasion of the renovation of the licence of the school in the police, the officer Dulcídio Gonçalves refused to renovate the license with this name, considering it as vulgar and not dignified for a samba school. The same officer suggested a new name, Grêmio Recreativo e Escola de Samba Portela, in homage to the street in Madureira where sambistas had gathered. In its history, Portela has won 21 titles during Carnival, more than any other Samba school.  It is considered the birthplace of some the most famous Samba composers such as Monarco, Manacea, Aldir Blanc and Colombo to name a few.  The school’s best moment came in 1995 when it was the runner up in the special group with the plot, “I like when I twist myself”. As you will see below, Portela, just like Estação Primeira de Mangueira, is a samba-school from the masses, and has attracted many international celebrities to their rehearsals and parade, like Ricky Martin. The diversity at Portela´s environment is also a great asset to the samba-school. Recent Brazilian music composers like Paulinho da Viola and Marisa Monte help Portela to spread its cultural identity all over Brazil and the world. Let´s take a closer look at how this wonderful chapter of the Brazilian Samba history was written.

Colors: Blue and White
Drummers’ Queen: Patrícia Nery
President: Serginho Procópio
Carnavalesco:  Alexandre Louzada