The Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba União da Ilha do Governador was founded on March 7 of 1953 the friends Maurício Gazelle, and Quincas Orphylo, who were inCacuia, the main site of the carnival parade of the Ilha do governador, watching the presentation of small schools of samba and blocks of various districts of the island. It was then decided that the neighborhood of Cacuia should have a samba school that the represent. Currently, the school is based in Estrada do Galeão in the neighborhood of Cacuia. Uniao da Ilha began their career at Carnival bouncing between the second and third groups.  Persistence won out and in 1974 they were awarded the championship and were able to advance to the First Group.  While the Uniao da Ilha had a respectable showing, it was not until 1980 with their then “Good, Nice and Cheap” that they put on a wonderful show and were awarded second place.  Several of the Samba schools theme songs have become quite popular all over Brazil.

Colors: Blue, Red and White
Drummers’ Queen: Bruna Bruno
President: Ney Filardi
Carnavalesco:  Alex de Souza