Since the twentieth century, the hilly chain from Tijuca started to inhabited by slaves, descendants and freed slaves that left the bankrupt coffee zone of Vale do Paraíba behind. The wealthiest class that inhabited Usina and Tijuca was fully decadent. It was during this time that our founder’s families – the Moraes, the Chagas, the Santos and the Vasconcelos – got installed at the slum complex of Borel. The G.R.E.S Unidos da Tijuca is the third oldest samba school in Rio de Janeiro.  The founders aimed to defend the roots of traditional Brazilian folklore as well as to fight for popular causes.  Fights that were always present on their ancestors’ blood and soul, suffered and purged from the cultural expression that the loved and grew: the samba.Very different from the previous years, Unidos da Tijuca will be paying homage to the great pillar of popular Brazilian music, Luiz Gonzaga. Luiz was born in Pernambuco, died in 1989 and 2012 his centenary will be celebrated with a beautiful parade by the infamous Unidos da Tijuca. 

Colors: Blue and Yellow
Drummers’ Queen: Juliana Alves
President: Fernando Horta
Carnavalesco:  Paulo Barros